Is Lake View Park Best For Family?

Is Lake View Park Best For Family?

Lake View Park is a peaceful retreat located near Village Malpur Rawal Lake on Murree Road. It’s a place where families can enjoy outdoor adventures and have exciting experiences away from the busy city life. Is Lake View Park Best For Family? The park is like a combination of a wildlife sanctuary, an amusement park, and a nature reserve all rolled into one.

At Lake View Park, families can escape from the noise and chaos of daily life and immerse themselves in nature. The park is surrounded by lush greenery and offers breathtaking views of Rawal Lake. Making it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

For families looking for some excitement, Lake View Park has plenty to offer. From thrilling rides to serene boat cruises, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Children can have fun playing in the dedicated play areas, while adults can take leisurely strolls or enjoy picnics in the park.

One of the highlights of Lake View Park is its wildlife sanctuary. Visitors can spot a variety of birds and animals while exploring the park. From majestic birds to fascinating mammals, there’s always something new to see.

Overall, Lake View Park is a serene getaway where families can create lasting memories together. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply want to relax in nature, this park has something for everyone to enjoy.

Lake View Park, nestled along the picturesque banks of Rawal Lake. Is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The park’s serene ambiance, coupled with meticulously landscaped gardens and breathtaking views. Offers visitors a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

As visitors enter the park, they are greeted by meticulously manicured gardens adorned with vibrant flower beds and inviting benches. These well-maintained green spaces provide a tranquil setting for relaxation and contemplation, Allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Exploring Lake View Park:

Exploring Lake View Park islamabad:

One of the main attractions of Lake View Park is its proximity to Rawal Lake. Which offers a range of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. Boating enthusiasts can rent paddle boats or rowboats to explore the calm waters of the lake. Taking in the stunning scenery that surrounds them. Fishing enthusiasts can also try their luck at catching local fish species. Adding a sense of excitement to their outdoor experience.

For those looking to enjoy a leisurely day out with family and friends. Lake View Park offers ample picnic spots scattered throughout the grounds. Visitors can spread out a blanket and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch while taking in the scenic views of the lake and surrounding landscape. Children can run and play in the open spaces, while parents relax and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

Aside from boating, fishing, and picnicking, Lake View Park offers a variety of other recreational activities to suit every interest. Nature enthusiasts can take a leisurely stroll along the park’s walking trails. Admiring the diverse flora and fauna that call the park home. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of bird species, from majestic eagles to colorful kingfishers, as they explore the park’s natural habitats.

For those seeking a bit more adventure, Lake View Park offers options such as horseback riding and cycling. Allowing visitors to explore the park’s expansive grounds at their own pace. Thrill-seekers can also enjoy exciting activities such as rock climbing and zip-lining, adding an adrenaline rush to their outdoor experience.

As the day draws to a close, visitors can relax and unwind in one of the park’s designated sitting areas. Taking in the breathtaking sunset views over Rawal Lake. Whether enjoying a peaceful moment alone or spending quality time with loved ones, Lake View Park offers the perfect setting for creating lasting memories amidst its scenic surroundings.

A Haven For Recreation:

lake view park islamabad A Haven For Recreation:

Lake View Park stands as a haven for recreation. Catering to the diverse interests of visitors seeking thrilling experiences and unforgettable adventures. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty near Rawal Lake.This park offers an array of attractions that ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts, Lake View Park boasts exciting offerings that promise an exhilarating experience. At Battlefield Islamabad and Ibex Club, visitors can engage in adrenaline-pumping pursuits such as paintball battles and rock climbing challenges. These thrilling activities provide an opportunity for visitors to test their skills. Strategize with friends, and immerse themselves in heart-pounding excitement.

The park’s crown jewel, F1 TRAXX amusement park, further adds to the excitement with its array of thrilling rides and attractions. From high-speed roller coasters to exhilarating 5D motion rides. F1 TRAXX offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure that is sure to leave visitors on the edge of their seats. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, F1 TRAXX delivers excitement and thrills in abundance.

In addition to its adrenaline-pumping attractions, Lake View Park is also home to Pakistan’s largest Birds Aviary. Adding to its allure as a premier tourist destination. Here, visitors can marvel at the beauty of a diverse range of avian species, from colorful parrots to majestic eagles. The aviary provides a unique opportunity for visitors to observe these magnificent birds up close and learn more about their habitats and behaviors.

But the park’s appeal extends beyond its adrenaline-fueled attractions and captivating wildlife. Lake View Park also offers a range of activities that cater to more leisurely pursuits. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the park’s meticulously landscaped gardens. Admiring the vibrant flower beds and serene lakeside views. Picnic spots scattered throughout the park provide the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon spent with family and friends.

For those looking to unwind and recharge, Lake View Park offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and tranquility. Whether it’s enjoying a peaceful boat ride on the lake, basking in the sun on a lazy afternoon. Simply taking in the beauty of nature, the park provides a serene escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Fun-filled Activities For All:

aliza sehar lake Fun-filled Activities For All:

Lake View Park offers a plethora of fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone. Children, in particular, find endless enjoyment in the park’s expansive grounds, where they can indulge in various exciting adventures.

One of the highlights for children at Lake View Park is the opportunity to go on horseback rides. Guided by experienced handlers, kids can embark on gentle horseback excursions. Exploring the park’s scenic trails and taking in the natural beauty that surrounds them. This activity provides a unique and memorable experience that allows children to connect with nature in a fun and interactive way.

Boating excursions on Rawal Lake are another favorite activity among children. Whether it’s paddling around in a paddle boat or rowing gently in a rowboat. Kids love the thrill of being out on the water and taking in the serene surroundings. Boating also offers a great opportunity for children to learn about water safety and navigation. All while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Of course, no visit to Lake View Park would be complete without experiencing the excitement of the amusement park rides. From thrilling roller coasters to whimsical carousel rides, there’s something for every child’s taste and preference. The park’s F1 TRAXX amusement park is particularly popular. Offering an array of exhilarating rides and attractions that promise hours of entertainment and excitement.

While children revel in these adrenaline-pumping activities, visitors of all ages can also partake in more leisurely pursuits. Taking leisurely strolls along the park’s scenic pathways allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings. While serene boat rides offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

For those simply looking to unwind and relax, Lake View Park provides ample opportunities to do so. Whether it’s finding a quiet spot to sit and admire the views, or simply soaking in the peaceful ambiance of the park. Visitors of all ages can find solace amidst the park’s natural splendor.

Exciting Offerings Year-round:

samundar katha lake Exciting Offerings Year-round:

Lake View Park, a vibrant hub of activity year-round, beckons visitors with its exciting offerings and festive atmosphere. On weekends and holidays, the park comes alive with a flurry of activity. Offering an array of entertainment options for visitors of all ages.

At the heart of Lake View Park’s weekend festivities is its vibrant festival arena. Where cultural and musical events take center stage. From traditional dances to live music performances, the arena buzzes with energy as visitors gather to celebrate and enjoy the diverse cultural heritage of the region. Whether it’s a lively dance performance or a soulful musical concert. There’s always something new and exciting happening at Lake View Park’s festival arena.

In addition to its cultural events, Lake View Park offers a variety of refreshment options to satisfy every craving. Numerous refreshment centers scattered throughout the park offer a tempting array of delectable treats, from savory snacks to sweet delights. Visitors can indulge in local specialties like kebabs and samosas or opt for international favorites like burgers and pizza. With its diverse culinary offerings, Lake View Park ensures that every visitor’s appetite is satisfied.

As visitors explore the park’s scenic beauty and engaging activities, They can also take advantage of the numerous leisure options available. Families with children can enjoy horseback rides, boating excursions, and thrilling amusement park rides. While visitors of all ages can partake in leisurely strolls or serene boat rides. The park’s expansive grounds provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and recreation, allowing visitors to unwind amidst nature’s splendor.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a holiday outing, Lake View Park offers something for everyone to enjoy. With its vibrant festival arena, tempting refreshments, and exciting activities. The park provides a lively and engaging atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back time and time again. So come and experience the excitement of Lake View Park’s year-round offerings, where every visit promises fun-filled memories and unforgettable experiences.

Unveiling The Park’s Splendors:

lake city mall Unveiling The Park's Splendors:

Lake View Park, a sprawling oasis nestled near Village Malpur Rawal Lake on Murree Road, boasts an impressive array of attractions and experiences across its four distinct sections: the Main Park, F1 TRAXX, Ibex Club, and Battlefield Islamabad. Each section offers a unique blend of leisure, excitement, and natural beauty, ensuring an unforgettable visit for all who venture within its bounds.

The Main Park serves as the heart of Lake View Park, welcoming visitors with its vast gardens adorned with fountains and vibrant flower beds. Here, guests can take leisurely strolls amidst the picturesque landscape, enjoying the serenity of their surroundings. The park’s spacious festival arena hosts cultural events throughout the year, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and entertain audiences with traditional performances and musical extravaganzas.

Picnic points scattered throughout the Main Park offer the perfect setting for al fresco dining, complete with barbecue facilities for grilling up savory delights. Families can gather together, enjoying delicious meals amidst the park’s natural splendor, while children frolic in dedicated play areas designed to ignite their imaginations and inspire hours of fun and laughter.

Convenient transportation options, including golf carts and passenger road trains, make it easy for visitors to explore the park’s expansive grounds and discover its hidden treasures. Whether embarking on a leisurely boat ride across Rawal Lake or casting a line in the tranquil waters, guests can enjoy boating and fishing facilities that offer moments of relaxation and tranquility amidst the park’s bustling atmosphere.

The crown jewel of Lake View Park is undoubtedly its aviary, recognized as Pakistan’s largest and home to a diverse array of avian species. Visitors can marvel at the beauty of exotic birds, from majestic eagles to colorful parrots, as they explore the aviary’s winding pathways and lush greenery.

Thrill-seekers will find plenty to excite their senses at F1 TRAXX amusement park, where thrilling rides and adrenaline-pumping attractions await. From high-speed roller coasters to heart-stopping adventures, F1 TRAXX promises an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

To satisfy appetites worked up by the day’s excitement, refreshment centers scattered throughout the park offer a tempting array of snacks and beverages. Whether craving a quick bite or a refreshing drink, visitors can refuel and recharge before continuing their exploration of Lake View Park’s splendors.

Exploring Lake View Park Further:

lake city cinema Exploring Lake View Park Further:

Exploring Lake View Park offers visitors a wealth of experiences and activities to enjoy throughout the day. With its welcoming hours from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and a nominal entry fee of Rs. 20 per person, the park ensures accessibility for all.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of activities suitable for every age and interest. Thrill-seekers can experience the exhilaration of 3D motion rides, feel the rush of adrenaline in go-kart races, or embark on scenic boating excursions on Rawal Lake. These activities are available at affordable rates, allowing families to enjoy a fun-filled day without breaking the bank.

For those seeking culinary delights, Lake View Park boasts renowned eateries such as Dera and Engineer’s Spicey, where visitors can indulge in tantalizing fare that satisfies every palate. Whether craving traditional Pakistani cuisine or international favorites, the park’s eateries offer a diverse selection of dishes to choose from.

In addition to thrilling rides and delicious food, Lake View Park also provides opportunities for wildlife encounters that add to its allure. Visitors can marvel at the diverse array of bird species housed in Pakistan’s largest aviary, observing majestic eagles, colorful parrots, and other fascinating birds up close. These encounters offer a glimpse into the natural world and provide educational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Throughout the park, visitors will discover key features that enhance their experience. Vast gardens adorned with fountains and flower beds create a serene ambiance, while spacious picnic points with barbecue facilities offer the perfect setting for outdoor dining and relaxation. Dedicated play areas for children ensure that young visitors have plenty of space to run, jump, and play, while convenient transportation options make it easy to explore all that the park has to offer.


Lake View Park offers a captivating experience for visitors, whether they are in Islamabad for business or leisure. Is Lake View Park Best For Family? This enchanting destination promises to immerse visitors in natural beauty, provide recreational delights, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Embarking on a journey of exploration and wonder, visitors will find themselves surrounded by the tranquil oasis of Lake View Park. From the moment they step foot into the park, they are greeted by lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and the serene ambiance of Rawal Lake. This natural beauty sets the stage for a memorable experience, inviting visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature.

As visitors explore the park, they will discover a wealth of recreational delights to enjoy. Whether it’s taking a leisurely stroll along the winding pathways, enjoying a scenic boat ride on the lake, or picnicking in one of the designated areas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Families can spend quality time together playing in the dedicated children’s play areas, while adventure seekers can get their adrenaline pumping with activities like rock climbing and paintball.

Lake View Park is also home to a variety of amenities and attractions that add to its charm. Visitors can marvel at the diverse array of bird species housed in Pakistan’s largest aviary, indulge in delicious snacks and beverages at the refreshment centers, or explore the park’s various sections, including the Main Park, F1 TRAXX, Ibex Club, and Battlefield Islamabad. With its convenient transportation options and affordable entry fees, Lake View Park ensures accessibility to all visitors, regardless of their age or interests.


What are the park’s timings?

Lake View Park is open daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

What is the entry fee?

The entrance fee is Rs. 20 per person.

What are the major attractions?

Boating, horse riding, cycling, mini-golf, and the bird aviary are among the park’s major attractions.

Is the park family-friendly?

Yes, Lake View Park is highly suitable for families with children, offering a dedicated play area and kid-friendly activities.

Can visitors bring their own food?

Yes, visitors are welcome to bring their own food to the park, although food stalls are available onsite for convenience.

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